Are we a Business?

Are We in Solar Business?

In a world where the generations are taught to try and get something for nothing, it is not shocking to see that subsidized solar panel manufacturers are having a hard time making their business work. In the past month, three manufacturers have announced that they are closing their doors. Unless you are very strict in your adherence to business standards and practices, companies can become complacent in how they price out jobs and go to market. The solar industry is going to have some attrition because of the maturing of the market and reduction of government programs that redistribute taxpayer monies. It is imperative that we run businesses that will adjust to the changing landscape and remain profitable and purposeful in bringing renewable energy into the marketplace. You don’t need to look any further than into New Jersey’s PPA programs which were often financed by “get rich quick” investors intent on maximizing their fortunes on the SREC market available at that time. The investors who continued to use the PPA programs for tax shelters are still around. The others have scattered to other markets of the moment.

As a member of the solar power community, I want companies to do everything necessary to be competitive and profitable for a long time. This industry can make a significant impact on individual and corporate energy usage if we keep the business front and center in our advocating of the industry.

What are your thoughts?

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