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Why Millions are Losing Power

By Braden Lee Why is PG&E shutting off the power?  On October 9th 2019, the Los Angeles Times reported that 160,000 acres of land from various parts of California had been consumed from wildfires. On its own, these numbers are staggering; but perhaps the most surprising statistic is that the worst is likely just around […]

What’s in Your Solar System

The key components of any Solar System are dependent on whether it’s mounted on your roof or on the ground. For roof mounted systems, there are 3 parts: The mounting system – this includes the foot jacks that attach to the roof and the racking systems that support the solar panels The panels – this […]

Now is a good time to go Solar

  Despite some of the bad publicity about a few Solar companies, specifically Solyndra, the industry overall is very healthy and provides significant financial and environmental benefits to homeowners and businesses. There are 3 good reasons why now is a good time to go Solar – it’s all about saving on your utility bills. You can […]

Solar Financing or Purchase Options

With all the options available today for designing and installing the right Solar System for your home, there are really only 3 considerations for Solar Financing or Purchase Options. These are: Purchase – depending on your tax and cash flow status, this may the best option. The average cost of a system is $25-30K, so […]