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Do I Need to Clean My Solar Panels?

Reasons to clean panels and how to get them clean.   To clean or not to clean.   There are a lot of questions about solar panel upkeep and maintenance issues from people looking into purchasing solar to those who currently have solar panels already installed. Questions like: Do I need to clean my solar […]

1st Light Energy Partners with Lift

1st Light Energy, one of the nation’s leading solar energy companies, will officially launch their Sales Origination Dealer Program on June 1, 2017 in partnership with Lift John Frampton, Lift’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer, previously ran the International Direct Sales Program for Tesla-owned SolarCity. 1st Light Energy Inc. was founded in October of 2004 and […]

Solar Energy Solutions Without Increased Property Taxes

Considering the advantages of purchasing residential solar, but worried about the impact on your property taxes? Navigating changes to your home’s property taxes can feel akin to navigating a mine field, with any number of traps waiting just out of sight—but fortunately, residential solar isn’t as hazardous as some improvements. And generally, you won’t find yourself […]