7 Things to Look for in a Solar Energy Company Image

7 Things to Look for in a Solar Energy Company

7 Things to Look for in a Solar Energy Company Image

You may not have a say in which electric company powers your home, but when it comes to choosing a solar energy installer, the power is all in your hands.

The only downside?

The booming solar energy market means there are more solar companies than ever to choose from.

If you’re not sure now to compare one solar installer over another, deciding between all these companies can be overwhelming and stall your plans to take action.

Even though all those solar companies may seem similar on the surface, they’re not all created equal.

So how can you tell a good solar energy installer from a potential nightmare?

Here are 7 things to look for in a solar energy company to help you spot a winner:


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1st Light Energy Partners with Lift

1st Light Energy, one of the nation’s leading solar energy companies, will officially launch their Sales Origination Dealer Program on June 1, 2017 in partnership with Lift John Frampton, Lift’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer, previously ran the International Direct Sales Program for Tesla-owned SolarCity.

1st Light Energy Inc. was founded in October of 2004 and is staffed by professionals who have worked in the solar industry since the late 1990’s. 1st Light’s mission from the start has been to provide environmentally friendly alternative energy solutions that generate ongoing financial returns for residential and commercial property owners. Besides being one of the country’s longest running solar energy companies, 1st Light Energy has distinguished itself by handling the solar panel installation process from start to finish.

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Solar Monitor system

Why You’ll Want a Solar Monitor Once You Go Solar

Solar Monitor system

A funny thing happens once most people go solar: they experience an irresistible urge to find out how much energy their system is generating.  It will happen to you, too, once you convert to clean, natural solar energy for your home.


Trust us, you’ll want to know what your system is doing!

Even if in your pre-solar days you never even once thought about how much energy you used, going solar makes you think holistically about your energy use, so much so that you’ll begin to care about energy production as well as energy consumption.

After all, every kilowatt generated represents savings in your pocket.  So, it’s a good thing there’s an easy way to find out how well your new system is working and it’s called a solar monitoring system.  Once you go solar, you’ll want one too!

You’ll want one because monitoring solar performance is not only fun and satisfying, but it can also help you get more out of your solar installation.  Here’s why…

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Phantom Energy

Your Next Weekend Project: Rid Your Home of Phantom Energy Hogs!

Phantom Energy


Some people may live in tiny apartments, but their energy bills are huge.  It’s not because they crank the AC or use the heat with a window open, either.  And no, they don’t own a pre-1980s refrigerator.  Their problem is phantom energy hogs.


Phantom energy hogs are the little things that add up.

While maintaining a comfortable temperature within your home is probably your largest energy hog, it’s the smaller energy drains which go undetected that can add up and increase your energy bill by as much as 15% in some cases!


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The 2016 Presidential Election: Where do the Candidates Stand on Solar?

2016 Presidential Candidates Stance on Solar

With Trump’s spotlight-stealing boldness and the possibility of electing our first female president, this has been an exciting presidential election thus far.  But what about the future of solar?  Where does each candidate stand when it comes to supporting solar energy initiatives for the American people?

For many voters, this is an issue that matters.  It’s tied in closely with the larger issue of climate change, which was recently named the “greatest threat to future generations” by President Obama.

But no matter how you feel about the hot issue of climate change, solar is something we should all care about.  The solar industry now employs more people than the coal industry, and technological advances in the past few years make solar feasible for more households than ever before, and at a much lower cost.

Here, in a quick and easy summary for your entertainment, is how each of the candidates fares on the solar-friendly scale.

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