Conserving Resources

In order for most of the world to provide electricity, we’re forced to tap into our natural resources. We mine for coal and drill for oil, draining the overall supply. And while we hunt for these resources, many of us ignore perhaps the greatest natural resource–the sun. Here at 1st Light Energy, by utilizing the sun as a source of energy, we drastically improve the health of our planet and conserve what natural resources we have left.


The Cost of Harvesting Resources

While the amount of natural resources we use is concerning, the way we get those resources is a concern in itself.

Harmful gasses and other waste are often the by-products of producing electricity. Many trees–another natural resource–are cut down, directly impacting our CO2 levels. Without trees to absorb CO2 and, in turn, release oxygen, humans and animals are at risk.

Luckily, the average solar electricity system offsets an amount of CO2 that is equivalent to planting two acres of fully mature trees. Solar energy also curbs the need to clear land for mining so those trees can be maintained to intake CO2 and release oxygen into our earth’s atmosphere.

Our expert solar consultants understand the significance of our world-improving jobs and can assist you in saving money and helping the environment today. Learning more by easily filling out our online form or give us a call to speak with one of our friendly experts.


Better than Other “Sustainable” Forms of Energy

Coal and oil may currently be the most popular natural resources used to generate electricity, but they’re not the only ones. For years, we have dammed rivers for hydro-power and erected windmills and wind turbines to harvest wind energy. However, while these methods help conserve, they’re not the most environmentally-friendly forms of energy.

The production of dams and wind turbines still affects the environment. By damming rivers and building wind turbines, we change that ecosystem and all the animals in it. Animals living in that area–fish and birds for example–now have to adapt to those changes. When we install solar on your building, we are simply taking up space that is already being used, harnessing a source of energy that is highly underutilized and nearly limitless in potential. There’s no need to build excessive infrastructure when a simple installation can connect you right to the golden energy source, with a smaller impact on the planet.