Welcome to the world of renewable energy!

You’ve taken the first step towards creating clean and green power for your family. When scheduled, a 1st Light Energy representative will be arriving at your home to show how your home may benefit from solar.

At that time, you will learn how 1st Light Energy and SunRun work together to give you solar. We will go over a proposal that has been specifically modeled for your home – including the rate and coverage we can offer that is based on your roof. Any other questions that you may have can also be addressed.

Information about your appointment:

  • Please allow around 45 minutes for your solar consultation
  • We will be going over your electric usage and utility bill
  • We will discuss what options solar may offer for your specific home
  • We will go over the following procedures you may take to obtain renewable energy for your home

If you have any questions, please feel free to call 866-837-6527.


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60 Seconds



We look forward to sharing the benefits of clean energy!