What Our Customers Are Saying

What our customers are saying

We had a great experience and are very happy with how everything turned out.  There was a problem with the city inspector showing up early before the installation was finished.  He said they would have to reschedule the inspection for the following week and we wouldn’t be able to turn our system on.  They jumped on the issue quickly and the inspector was out later that same day.  Highly recommend.

Jim R.

Great company to work with, they kept their schedule of installation, there was always someone ready to answer my questions, and they kept me in the loop as to how long it would take to get all the permits for my solar. Loved the company refer people all the time. Best of all, I pay $40 bucks less monthly for my electricity.

Murphy D.

I have never been so satisfied with a company as I am with 1st light. We decided we wanted solar and started meeting with multiple companies. 1st light blew us away and it was a no brainier to go with them. However, I was nervous choosing them considering all of the negative yelp reviews but we didn’t experience one hiccup with this company. They must have read the reviews and taken them into consideration because we were updated every week.

We started the process may 22nd ish and our panels are already installed and ready to go! Fast process! Every person we came in contact with was awesome. They gave us 31 panels when solar city said they could only install 17! And the install was faster than any other company!

Danielle H.

Being new to the area, we excitedly looked to go solar for our (first) new home. We checked out other companies and were very close to going with one of the largest players in the industry until I thought to check out 1st Light for comparative purposes. I’m truly glad I did. From initial consultation to installment and activation of our solar system, 1st Light was professional, prompt and most importantly, patient in educating their customer with the inevitable questions that come with switching over to solar. Financing was easy, and we can actually say we enjoyed the process all throughout. Garrett, our rep was involved all throughout and has been friendly, professional and above all, knowledgeable. We highly recommend him and 1st light Energy.

A C.

Had them install a 9-panel system on my home.  Communication was very good. When you call them, they will get back with you right away with an answer.

Be prepared however, to be patient.  A solar system requires a design process, manufacturing, permit approval and installer availability.  From the time we started the purchase until the day my system was up and running, it took approximately 3 months.  The total cost of a solar system may shock some, but the credits and tax deductions will chop the total price down significantly.   1st Light Energy did a good job explaining this and I thought the total cost was reasonable.

Now that my system is installed, I can see my electric meter running backwards on a sunny day!  I see that 1st Light Energy received a few bad reviews from previous customers.  I think they’ve corrected these issues as we had a great experience. It’s a fairly big home improvement project and there are bound to be a few glitches along the way.  Expect this and allow the company to address any problems. They were very responsive and helpful whenever I called or emailed them.


My experience with 1st Light Energy has been exceptional.  When they first showed up at my door they spoke with my husband and we had some scheduling conflicts that delayed the intial interview several times.  Our salesman was Nate and he was very patient and when we finally met for our first meeting I was very impressed by the amount of information that he had about his company and about my energy use.  He was excellent in breaking down the process in a way that both my husband and I understood. I would have never thought that I could have solar panels on my home.  Not only do we have the solar panels we have seen instant savings in our electric bill.  The first month was an $80 difference compared to the same month the year before.  Each month that I get my bill from PG&E I compare it to that month in the previous year and each time I see how much $$ we are saving.  My family is very thankful to 1st Light.  My account manager was Dominic Mason and he kept us up to date every step of the way.  I still contact Dominic and refer friends and family who ask us how our solar is working out for us.  We tell everyone that the experience has been a great one and we love the fact that we are saving money each month on our electric bill.  I have and will keep recommending 1st Light Energy to anyone who is interested in solar energy.  Thanks 1st Light keep up the good work!

Charlene L.

1st Light Energy was VERY easy to work with.  I’d like to comment on three specific areas:

1 – Sales was a no pressure, simple process that clearly outlined my situation a delivered a high value proposition.  They made me aware of all my options and made the sign up process very simple.

2 – Installation was a breeze. The analyst took time answering all the questions I had and gave me some tips on care for the system.  They were very knowledgable and took time to fully understand the landscape for install.  On the day of install, the team was very efficient while maintaining high quality.  Every team member answered the questions I had and they were done in about 6 hours.  After sign off,  I’ve enjoyed a reduced energy bill and a greener solution.

3 – Support is phenomenal.  I’ve inquired about a few things post install and I get a response in 2-3 business hours.  Tammy provides clear responses and is very attentive to my requests.

Overall, the service I received reduced my concerns,  the product I bought reduced my bill and the post install reduced any potential headaches.  They get significant recommendations from me.  At the very least,  give them a call before buying.

Leffry L.

I have been watching my electric meter usage number gradually go down ever since November 7th when my solar system was completed and the MID grid meter was installed, so my system could be turned on. The days have been shorter and I have been using power, yet the meter still is going down. This is exactly what I wanted to see happen. I haven’t yet received my first electric bill since the install, but how can it be bad if the number on the meter is less than it started with at the beginning of the month?

I am very pleased with the look of the panels on my house (they can’t be seen from the front), the willingness of the engineering and installation team to negotiate and adjust the first design layout to some requests that I made, the quality of the equipment, and the professionalism and courtesy of all of the contact people and installers. I am impressed by the willingness of all who were involved with the job to communicate and get back to me if a question I had could not be answered immediately. 1st Light Energy demonstrated excellent integrity throughout all of the steps of the installation process; they met all promises and commitments made by the sales representative. Paperwork was handled promptly and staff submitted all the information for permits, inspections, power company rebates, and MID final inspection and switch on in a very timely manner.

I highly recommend 1st Light Energy for great quality and affordably price solar installation.

Tecla G.

Our first contact with 1st Light Energy Inc., was in April 2014, introducing their company product and options to convert to solar energy.

Along with learning the solar process coupled with incentives from 1st Light Energy, federal tax credits, as well as current provider Modesto Irrigation District, we decided to purchase a solar system for our home.

1st Energy employees, are very well versed in their area of responsibility. Each phase of the project was communicated by resident experts who guided the job to completion. The installation crew were all journeyman level craftsmen.

When considering converting to Solar Energy Power, I highly recommend 1st Light Energy Inc. as part of your due diligence, considerations.

Gary & Julia B.

My family is very happy with our installation of solar panels. This company offered us very good services. It will help us and our planet. They have great, honest, and respectful workers that explained everything really well. They were very patient with our questions and doubts. We felt very comfortable with them and we recommend this program to all my family and friends. I Would like to personally thanks to Dominic Mason who was calling us almost every week to give us update for when system will start.

Thank you

Singh Family

The 1st Light Energy Solar System has been a great benefit to us. From the first meeting to the final installation, the 1st Light Energy staff was completely professional and did a great job. They gave us several options and helped us make the right decision to get the best system for our home. Our utility cost went down more than we thought. The system is basically paying for itself. The quality workmanship was great. I can wholeheartedly recommend 1st Light Energy to anyone considering adding a solar system to their home or business.

I give this company very high marks and know you will see this company grow and grow in the future. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

John D.

“Going green” is not something we always strive for, but if it’s something that only requires a small lifestyle change we try to incorporate that into our lives. We knew that solar energy would not require any lifestyle change but would create big savings; not only financially, but environmentally as well. We had been interested in the idea of using solar energy in our home for some time, but the initial cost seemed out of reach for a family like ours on a tight budget.When a 1st Light Energy representative came to our door one day, we were very intrigued at what they were offering. We made an appointment, and Nikki came to our home to explain everything. She made everything easy to understand. We could actually see the savings she had calculated through charts and graphs on her iPad. Nikki and 1st Light made it possible for us to incorporate solar into our home through a rebate program with TID and a manageable loan payment with a bank.Nikki was so easy to work with and a pleasure to talk to. She didn’t push us or make us feel pressured in any way. We would highly recommend any of our family, friends, and neighbors to work with Nikki and 1st Light Energy!

Risen Family

I would like to take a moment to thank all who has been involved in the process to make our home solar with 1st light Energy. Our journey with 1st light started when a professional young man named Tyler, came to our door soliciting. My husband and I had talked about getting solar panels previously but never thought we could actually afford to have them installed. Tyler was very informational about the product he was selling and set me up with an appointment for the next day.

The next day when two sales reps Nikki and Cade came to our home, my husband and I were very impressed with the presentation that they had prepared for us. They already had drawings of our home roofline, and estimated cost. We were very impressed with the amount of preparedness that they came with. Nikki and Cade were very friendly as well as informational about their products and the process of going solar. Nikki and Cade walked us through our financing options and we were surprised to find out that by going solar was no upfront cost, and the monthly payment was no more than what were already paying for our MID bill. Over the next couple of weeks we heard from Dominic who kept us updated frequently via phone call and emails about where we were currently in the process of getting our solar panels installed and permits approved. We are currently scheduled to have our solar panels installed in one week and we are looking forward to enjoying solar energy. Thank you 1st light for being a great company to work with and we are excited to go solar with you!

Siegel F.

My name is Thanh Nguyen I just moved from Dyer, Indiana, to Lathrop, California, a year ago. Recently, I just signed up and purchased a solar system for my home through 1st Light Energy.

There are a couple reasons that I decided to go to solar power for my new residence.
When I came to California, I did not know much about solar power. However, the 1st Light Energy analysis technician explained to me how solar power works and how it will save on my electric bill. They also helped me apply for financing with no money down. In the field, their work is very professional and prompt.

Solar power will help:
• To save on my electric bill.
• Increase value of my home.
• Lock in energy cost for years to come (this feature is very helpful for a family budget!).

California has sunshine almost all year around, particularly in Lathrop, where there are 300 sunny days even in the winter. Therefore, solar power is very practical to use. In my opinion, solar power will play a prominent role in the future.

Thanh N.

I, Benny Torres, chose 1st Light Energy because the process was simple, I didn’t have to pay up front, and it’s saving me money on energy for the present and future. Also, the staff was efficient and curteous which made the process more enjoyable. I have and would recommended family and friends to 1st Light Energy.

Benny T.

The whole team at 1st Light Energy did an outstanding job installing our solar system; from sales, to financing, to our final inspection. Our system is very good for our use. The MID meter is now showing 0 usage the first month running. We are paying ourselves instead of MID. GREAT JOB 1st LIGHT ENERGY!

Albini Family

Hi, I am Luis, we have the solar system in our house with 1st Light Energy and we are VERY happy with this decision. Before this, we always heard about solar systems, but we never understood it. They explained everything to us so well that we know how it works and about all the benefits. All of the materials and the installation were nice, fast, and perfect. One of the best things is that the lighting bill went down. They did very good work, and they did everything that they said from the beginning. I think that’s a very good thing, in these days.


I am writing to thank 1st Light Energy for a job well done in handling my Solar Panel installation project. I am thoroughly satisfied with my new solar system. Even though the process was at times complicated, 1st Light Energy did an excellent job of handholding. I was guided smoothly through the process to a renewable energy source. All of the phases of the project were well explained and proceeded smoothly. The installers were top quality, efficient, and quick. Most of all, I wish to thank Nikki Devey at 1st Light Energy for tirelessly answering my numerous questions when I called. She thoroughly addressed all of my concerns and sometimes patiently answered the same questions that were asked on previous calls. I can’t tell you how much peace of mind I now have with my “Solar Independence”.

Kimberley R.

We have been living in our home since it was built in 2000 and the thought of going solar never crossed our minds until about 2008. By then, our electrical bills had quadrupled while our usage stayed about the same. Upon deciding to go solar, we received quotes from two other local companies, and at that time they were all outrageously expensive. So, we waited. And waited…

And then in 2013 we discovered 1st Light Energy. I have to admit that at first I was a little skeptical with the 1st Light representative based on my earlier experiences with other solar providers, but she made everything very clear and we were pleasantly surprised by what she had to offer us.

Needless to say, we signed up with 1st Light and I have absolutely no regrets.

The process of getting up and running doesn’t happen overnight, but any time you’re dealing with city government and the local utilities, nothing goes quickly.

Although throughout the entire process, a 1st Light representative called us at least once a week to keep us constantly informed as to where we were at with the process (city permitting, city engineer, etc.) so there was no question as to what was going on. We knew that if we needed something, we could call Dominic and he would take care of us.

When the day came for the installation of our panels, the technicians arrived on time and it was obvious that they knew how to do their jobs. The quality of their workmanship was top notch. The technician that wired our electrical panel to the inverter kept the install very clean and well organized. None of our cement roof tiles were damaged during the install either, which was a big concern with me.

Ultimately, the city inspector passed our installation with flying colors.

It is because of our outstanding experience with this company that we have referred most of our family and friends to 1st Light Energy. If we had the opportunity to do this through a different company, we would most definitely stay with 1st Light Energy.

Jeremy & Nadine C.