Why Millions are Losing Power

By Braden Lee

Why is PG&E shutting off the power? 

On October 9th 2019, the Los Angeles Times reported that 160,000 acres of land from various parts of California had been consumed from wildfires. On its own, these numbers are staggering; but perhaps the most surprising statistic is that the worst is likely just around the corner. Historically speaking, California wildfires increase during the fall because of the increase in windy days, which help the wildfires spread.


Steps are being taken by responders to contain and eliminate the fires. One of these responders has been the Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) who have unexpectedly begun eliminating power to areas and homes of California most susceptible to fires.


PG&E’s hope is that by trimming trees and creating blackouts, they can reduce the chances of starting or adding to wildfires from their electric lines during this dry, windy season. How long will this last? NPR reported that PG&E’s CEO, Bill Johnson, informed California energy regulators that blackouts like this could continue for another ten years. 


How is it affecting families?


So how many people and families have these blackouts affected so far? Well, if you assume there’s about three people in every household, a rough estimate would be 2 million people, a statistic also given by NPR. That’s approximately the entire state of New Mexico, or Nebraska. 


But this is more than just an inconvenience to our Netflix accounts. This also means that some people can’t perform their jobs, particularly small businesses. Families and livelihoods so dependent on power have become blind-sided. Whether the blackouts has directly affected you or not, it’s clear that the seemingly unlimited supply of power we once took for granted has become questionable, to some degree. 


It’s awoken families to the realization that influences outside of their control can change their lives.

What can you do about it?


We extend our sympathies to everyone affected by the blackouts and the wildfires. This is currently one of the biggest obstacles our state is experiencing. Negative repercussions are affecting millions of Californians, and we wish it would end.


It’s only natural for people to look for a way to steer clear of these blackouts. And It’s led many solar-powered homes and businesses to a deeper interest in adding a solar battery to their system, which will ensure power whether the grid is up or down. A battery completely removes any third-party’s influence on whether or not your home receives power. It gives families the peace of mind that always accompanies self-sufficiency. As long as the sun is still shining and the earth is still spinning, your home or business is good to go! 


In the midst of these wildfires and blackouts, requests for our solar batteries have increased. And because our company feels compelled to bring this peace of mind to more families, 1st Light Energy is offering a price reduction in our solar batteries. We are certain this product will meet your needs. And along with this, we extend our best wishes to you and your family. 


We are proud to be in an industry that offers businesses, homes, and families these kinds of solutions. In a world with so many uncertainties, we are proud to be in a position that can provide a solution.


To learn more about solar batteries and what they can do for your home fill out a contact form to schedule an appointment with a representative today.

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